What a great experience! One of the more productive team building experiences I have ever been a part of.

B. Morgan




I have acquired many new skills that I use daily now in my professional and personal life. I was able to test them out first on a horse. Insights gained and practiced during sessions at Transitions have transfered directly to managing my teammates and our relationships.

I work with a horse named Ebay during my sessions. At first, I was  unaware of how forceful my signals were to him. He responded to my non-verbal communication not my 'intended message'. I got what I asked for, he became irritated and defensive with me.

Lynn’s coaching and the responses from Ebay, mirrored immediate feedback, allowing me to adjust my approach. With new strategies in hand the horse became much more willing, reasonable and cooperative.

Empowered with this insight I have since applied my new strategies with my associates and it works... my takeaway... to be a highly effective leader, I must first look to better understand what motivates and inspires each individual in every relationship... to properly manage people, as with horses, we must be willing to examine ourselves and how we are perceived by others, then apply the appropriate strategies to lead, motivate and inspire a trusting partnership. To be a leader...not a boss.

R. Ratterree



...Transformative insights and learning for both Leadership and Team Development that accelerated our path to measurable results...

So different, so dynamic...Transitions has become part of our long term team development strategy.

D. Brown





Sent my team for assessment and team building. Gained valuable insights from written report from Transitions along with the ability to clearly set direction around my 5 year success plan. Well worth it. They want to go again, talked about their experience for weeks after they returned.

Larry Brown

Executive Director

Rutherford Life Services

Understanding the metaphor of using the horses helped me understand how to work better with others

A camaraderie with my fellow leaders & hitting “head-on” some tough subjects

Rutherford Life Services Team

Gained new perspectives to ongoing problems with a focus on committing to action

Norm Powers


TROT (Therapeutic Riding of Tryon)

Thinking about the process in a different way to achieve goals…Awesome, unique experience...…Very Satisfied!

C. Bare

Town Council Member

A unique and engaging approach to team building and problem solving...clear path to better understanding authentic leadership.

S. Lesher