Come to the Foorthills of Western North Carolina and experience a full range of autumn adventures. From mellow and cultural to extreme and unforgettable. Get quiet inspiration on a colorful fall foliage hike, or get your heart pounding with epic views of the fall leaves from the air. Take a scenic fall drive, or get adventurous and go on a Blue Ridge Parkway motorcycle ride.


The unique range of elevations and bio-diversity in the Western North Carolina mountains gives this area one of the longest foliage seasons in the U.S. That means that there will be fall color somewhere, whenever you choose to join us. Find out where the color is best on our weekly fall color report.

According to Dr. Howard S. Neufeld, professor of biology and "fall color guy" at Appalachian State University, red is often the color perceived as the one that makes for a spectacular fall season. And according to Neufeld and other experts, fans of the crimson hue may be in luck.

"Cool, clear sunny days bring on lots of photosynthesis and this makes for brilliant red colors," said Neufeld. "The beginning of the fall season will be punctuated with varying shades of red from maples, sourwoods, dogwoods, black gums and burning bush. The last splash of color will come later with scarlet and red oaks. Red really stands out, even against an already-beautiful fall landscape."

The weather over the next few weeks plays the most important role in fall's color intensity with cool nights and sunny days being the recipe for a bold season.

"For the summer as a whole, Asheville region was slightly cooler than average and near average for precipitation," said Jake Crouch, climate scientist at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center in Asheville. "The precipitation is nothing compared to last summer when Asheville had its wettest summer on record. That makes me think we can expect a more vibrant autumn this year."

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