New class brings Parelli training to ICC-Spindale - Fall 2010

Cindy Ramsey
Director, Polk Campus
Isothermal Community College

Author of the Polk Campus Preview column – Tryon Daily Bulletin

Polk Campus Preview – Tryon Daily Bulletin

I love horses. So in Polk County, I think, that puts me in the majority. And because of that love, I am extremely excited about a new three-part series we’re offering that begins in October. This same series was extremely successful and received a great response when offered last spring through our Polk campus where spaces filled up so quickly all three sessions of the course were filled within a week of the brochures reaching the streets! Our new brochure will be mailed on March 8, and you’ll see more details on the class there and on our website at But I wanted to introduce you to the instructor today. She’s new to Rutherford County, but not to the equestrian world.

Lynn Brown has lived and worked with horses in Colorado and Florida before settling here on an 80-acre farm where she is setting up a new training center called TRANSITIONS. The class is called “Natural Horsemanship for Women and the Horses They Love.” It will be offered in three sessions. The first is called “Leadership 1: Respect and Ground Manners,” the second “Confidence 1: Achieving Natural Balance,” and the third “Control with Balance 1: Desensitizing/De-Spooking.” You can take one, two, or all three sessions as each is a complete module, but for full benefit, you might want to start at the beginning and stay with it to the end.

Each session will include three Monday night workshops and simulations and three Saturday horsemanship classes. All classes will be held at Lynn’s farm so she can demonstrate on Monday night with her horses and you can work with your own horses on Saturday. Class size is limited, so you’ll want to add your name to the list soon.

Here is what some of her students from her spring courses are saying…

“The approach is consistent, it works, yet gentle and kind to the animals. Her love of horses is evident. Her patience and non-intimidating manner made learning exciting and fun” - Bobbie Shannon, Tryon

“She is very patient with both the horses and the people. She is very good at explaining the process to follow and the results to look for.”  - Marcia Stacy, Gaffney

“Anyone who thinks they know their horse will have their eyes opened! It gives excellent insight into any equestrian activity.”  - Kathy Meli, Mill Spring

“Lynn is a very “gifted” horseman and patiently shares her knowledge with everyone!” - Anonymous

“She is extremely knowledgeable and presents information in an energetic, fun manner. She is not a clock watcher and is willing to spend all the time necessary to teach us and the horse.”  - Susan Harris, Columbus

Lynn is not well known in Rutherford County yet, so I inquired about her background when someone who saw the class listing asked, “Who has she trained with?” Here’s her impressive answer:

“I have been a professional instructor of Natural Horsemanship for 16 years and am a passionate equestrian. I attended the International Study Center for Parelli Horsemanship in both Colorado and Florida where I trained directly under both Pat and Linda Parelli in the Levels Program, Liberty and Horsemanship, Fluidity and Colt Starting.

I strongly believe that there is “No Single” perfect method for teaching natural horsemanship because every horse and human learn differently and possess their own unique personality traits that should be carefully considered to incorporate the best methods for maximum results.

In addition to the Parelli methods, I also trained with Buck Brannaman, Lynn Palm, Chris Cox and Clinton Anderson. I am Parelli Certified Level 3, a certified Level 2 EAGALA Equine Specialist, and provide Equine Interactive Learning (EIL) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) programs at my farm called TRANSITIONS.

Along with programs in Natural Horsemanship, we provide a nationally recognized curriculum for youth leadership and character development skills for the children from Youth Empowerment, a program for at-risk children here in Rutherford County. Professionals and businesses attend our retreat and leadership programs that incorporate EIL to enhance communication and team effectiveness in a unique and innovative way."

So, you can probably understand why I’m so excited that Lynn answered my call for new class suggestions and offered to teach through ICC-Spindale. Check out more details in the brochure when it arrives in your mailbox, or even sooner online.