The “Natural Horsemanship”concept is the foundation of all instruction and training here. It is based on understanding, trust, respect and partnership with the horse.  Where focus, feel and timing are combined with the psychology of herd dynamics to achieve required results without force, fear or intimidation. At TRANSITIONS we offer private and group lessons as well as a wide variety of clinics that allow students from beginner to advanced to master the techniques necessary to take them as far as they choose to go on their journey to becoming better horsemen. Guests of The HideAway can also enjoy private guest rides tailored just for them.


How will you benefit from private or group instruction?
  • Increase your confidence as a leader and a rider

  • Develop focus, feel, timing and balance

  • Motivate you horse through equine psychology

  • Help your horse to become calmer, braver, and smarter

  • Effective riding on the trail

  • Suppleness and lightness for complex maneuvers

  • Relationship based on trust and respect with your horse

  • De-spooking and De-sensitization for increased confidence

  • Improved ground manners

  • Confident trailer loading and unloading



Our specialty! Lynn is professionally certified and has over 20 years of experience as a professional trainer & clinician.

Beginner to advanced riders get to experience WAY more than riding! Enjoy making a personal connection with your horse. Meet your mount, learn about him, lead him to the arena where you will learn natural horsemanship techniques. Then head out on the trails if you like or enjoy the obstacle courses in the arena and challenge yourself!


Experienced riders will also enjoy a leisurely ride on our private trails through meadows, hills and wooded trails.


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From beginner to advanced riding, a solid foundation starts with a trusting relationship.

Call us now for a free onsite evaluation to determine if we can be of assistance and help you advance your dreams and goals.